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Here is another wonderful movie for movie lovers known as The Good Night Movie 2007. This movie combines fantasy, comedy and drama to give you a spectacular feature. Its focus is on a retired pop star who writes commercial jingles to put food on the table. He experiences a great crisis in his mid-life, which is the main body of the movie.

The pop star, known as Gary Shawler, is in sixes and sevens. He has a nagging wife, known as Dora, and his job is not doing so well. In contrast, his best friend called Paul is very successful in every thing that he doe sand this makes Gary envious. He gets depressed and his self-esteem goes down until he meets a girl called Ann.

She is everything you can ever wish for from a woman: funny, beautiful, sexy, smart, name them. To top it all up, she is feeling very much in love with Gary. The girl usually appears in Gary’s mind while dreaming. Gary sets on a search to find her and in the process meets people from different calibers. They influence a lot on his perspective of life which chances to the best.

The Good Night Movie 2007, based on the principal that dreaming is believing. Many people give credit to Gary saying that he is making them to love their sleep. Many people now believe in dreaming. The simple fantasy in the movie is great and even if you watch it a hundred times, you will never get bored. The cleverness of the writer of The Good Night Movie 2007 is extremely commendable since it is beyond comprehension. The movie is very enjoyable to all, whether old or young. The originality in the context will make you keep wondering how the storyline came about.

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